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Bond Markets Initiation and Tax Revenue Mobilization in Developing Countries


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  • 2016
  • Editeur : Wiley online library
  • publié Southern Economic Journal
    • à comité de lecture (a)
    • note CNRS : 2
    • note AERES/HCERES : A
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  • Vol. 83 , n° 2
  • p. 550-572
  • 24 p.
  • Référence : A2016.25
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    Auteur(s) : BALIMA [WH] , COMBES [J-L] , MINEA [A]
    Abstract / Résumé : We analyze the relationship between the introduction of a sovereign bond market (BM) and tax revenue mobilization behavior, using a large sample of 119 developing countries. Propensity Scores Matching estimations reveal that BM participation significantly fosters domestic tax revenue mobilization. Moreover, we find that this favorable effect is sensitive to BM countries characteristics, namely the stance of monetary and fiscal policies, the exchange rate regime, the level of economic development, and the degree of financial openness and financial development. Finally, our results show that BM participation fosters internal taxes and reduces their instability, compared to international trade taxes. These findings highlight the strength of BM in promoting structural reforms in developing countries, through encouraging them to increase their tax effort and even by contributing to some extent to the fiscal transition process.