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Welcome // Bienvenue !

I’m a Phd candidate at CERDI, working under the direction of Jean-Louis Combes and Alexandru Minea.

My PhD deals with data mining on Public Choice literature, and political cycles.

[email protected]
[email protected]


Mandon, P. , with Cazals, A., “Political Budget Cycles: Manipulation of Leaders or Bias from Research?”,
[WP16/09; submitted. Original TeX version, available hereVincent & Elinor Ostrom Prize 2016
The message: Based on data collected over 1,700 regressions and 57 studies, our meta-analysis suggests that leaders do manipulate fiscal tools, but to an extent that is significantly exagerated by scholars. The incubments’ strategy differs depending on which fiscal tools they leverage. We also discuss how authors’ methodological choices and country institutions affect political budget cycles.

Recent project:
Mandon, P. , with Guerguil, M. and Tapsoba, R., “Flexible Fiscal Rules and Countercyclical Fiscal Policy”,
IMF Working Paper 16/08.
The message: We assess the impact of different types of flexible fiscal rules on the procyclicality of fiscal policy with propensity scores-matching techniques, thus mitigating traditional self-selection problems. We find that not all fiscal rules have the same impact and the design matters.

Areas of specialization:
Fiscal Macroeconomics & Political Economics