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    Jacky Mathonnat
Professor of Economics, University of Auvergne
Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches sur le Développement International (CERDI – CNRS)
65 Bd François Mitterrand, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France
[email protected]    +33(0)4 73 17 74 03
          PhD in Economics; Master in Public Law
Fields of Research
          Health economics issues in developing countries (including health financing; universal health coverage; health systems regulation; health care demand ; efficiency of health systems and facilities; effects of ill-health on farmers productivity)
          Public policy related to social policies and public finances.
          Evaluation of policies, programs and projects
          Development financing
Academic  Activities
          Member of the Academic Council of the University of Auvergne
          Former Vice-President of the University of Auvergne, in charge of the International Development Policy (2007-2012)
          Lead of the Master degree  “Health Economics and International Development” that I have created in 2003 at the School of Economics, University of Auvergne  
          In charge of the module “Health Economics” in the Master degree “Management of Economic Policy” at the CERDI, University of Auvergne
          Visiting professor, Faculty of Business and Administration, University of Bucharest, Romania; In charge of the course Health Economics in the Master degree Public Policy,
          Visiting professor at the University of Botswana, Gaborone; In charge of the course Health Economics in the Master degree in Public Health
          Visiting Professor, Weifang Medical University, China
          Visiting Professor School of Public Health, Mongolian National University of Medical Science, Ulaanbaatar
          Former Visiting Scholar, World Bank, Washington.
Scientific Activities
§Lead of of two on-going research projects
          Impact of drugs prices reform on activities and efficiency of a sample of township hospitals in Shandong province (Weifang prefecture), China. Project based on an original field survey, in collaboration with a team from the Weifang Medical University, the Weifang Health Bureau and with the National Health and Family Planning Commission (Ministry of Health), Beijing.
          Assessing the activities and efficiency of Family Health Centers and Soum Health Centers in Mongolia. Project based on an original field survey in urban and rural areas, with the School of Public Health, Mongolian National University of Medical Science, Ulaanbaatar.
§ Other
          Elected member of the Board of the CERDI (Conseil de Laboratoire)
          Member of the PhD Committee of the School of Economics, University of Auvergne
          PhD supervisor
          Member of the Board of the French Health Economics Association
          Member of the Working group “Plan Cancer”, Health Regional Agency, Auvergne, France
          Peer reviewer for international journals (Revue d’Economie du Développement; Revue d’Economie Politique; Journal of Human Development; Bulletin of the World Health Organisation; Health Policy and Planning; Journal d’Economie Médicale;  Revue d’Epidémiologie et de Santé Publique; Revue Economique; Sciences Sociales de la Santé; Social Science and Medicine; The Lancet).
Consulting (as team leader or consultant)
          AFD (Agence Française de Développement), World Bank, UNDP, European Union, WHO, Médecins du Monde, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
          In several countries, including Cambodia, China, Laos, Mongolia, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Gabon, Mali, Madagascar, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Sao Tome, South Africa.
Selection of recent publications
§ International Journals
          [2015], Mathonnat J, Audibert M, Huangfu X, Ma A, and L Petitfour, Progrès et défis pour trois réformes majeures dans le système de santé chinois, Mondes en Développement, vol. 43
          [2013] Audibert M, Mathonnat J, Pélissier A, Huang X, Health Insurance Reform and Efficiency of Township Hospitals in rural China: an Analysis from Survey Data; China Economic Review, Dec. vol. 27
          [2013] Assi S-B, Henry M-C, Rogier C, Dossou-Yovo, Audibert M, Mathonnat J, Teuscher T and P. Carnevale, Inland valley rice production systems and malaria infection and disease in the forest region of western Cote d’Ivoire, Malaria Journal, Jul.12(1)
          [2013] M Drach, J.B Le Gargasson, J Mathonnat , A Da Silva, M. Kaddar, A Colombini,On EPIVAC International Conference on Financial Sustainability of Immunization Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa, February 16-18, 2012, Benin, Vaccine, Sep. 31(41)
          [2012] Mathonnat J, Améliorer la santé dans les pays en développement : quatre questions pour des priorités, Economie publique, n°28-29, 1-2
          [2012], Huang X, Audibert M, Mathonnat J, Pelissier A., Financial and Income Losses from Illness Shock in China: Results from surveys in eight provinces, Journal of US-China Public Administration,April, Vol 9, n°4
          [2012] Pélissier A, Audibert M, Mathonnat J, Huang X, The determinants of township hospitals’ curative activities in Weifang, China, Economie publique, n°28-29, 1-2
          [2011] Audibert M, Brun J-F, Mathonnat J, and Henry M-C, Malaria and agricultural production: Are there bi-directional effects? The case of coffee and cocoa in Côte d’Ivoire, Revue d’Economie du Développement, 3/ juillet.
          [2009] Audibert M, Brun J-F, Mathonnat J et Henry M-C, Paludisme, production et revenu des producteurs de café et de cacao en Côte d’Ivoire,  Revue d’Economie du Développement, 1/ mars.
§ Other
          [2015] Audibert M, Mathonnat J, Pélissier A, The New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme: Impact on Township Hospitals’ utilization and income structure in Weifang Prefecture, China, forthcoming Etudes et Documents, CERDI
          [2015]AudibertM, He Y, Mathonnat J,  Two-Period Comparison of Health Care Demand with Income Growth and Population Aging in Rural China: Implications for Adjustment of the Health Care Supply,  Etudes et Documents, CERDI
          [2015] Mathonnat J, Choumert J, Nicole H, External baseline evaluation of the Central Highlands Programme – Afghanistan, 158 p.; AFD – French Agency for Development
          [2014] Mathonnat J. and J. Tuilliez, Which role for the structural determinants of road mortality and traffic injuries? A concept note, Working Papers n° P92, FERDI, Foundation for the Research on International Development, France
           [2013] Audibert M, He Y, Mathonnat J, Multinomial and Mixed Logit Modeling in the Presence of Heterogeneity: A Two-Period Comparison of Healthcare Provider Choice in Rural China,Etudes et Documentsn° 14, CERDI
          [2013] Mathonnat J, Choumert J, et al., A community perception survey of mining and future benefit sharing in Afghanistan, World Bank, 204 p.
          [2013] Audibert M, He Y, Mathonnat J, Two-Period Comparison of Healthcare Demand with Income Growth and Population Aging in Rural China: Implications for Adjustment of the Healthcare Supply and Development, Etudes et Documents n° 15, CERDI
          [2011] Audibert M, Huang X, Mathonnat J, Pelissier A, coauteurs Chen N, Ma A, Curative Activities of Township Hospitals in Weifang Prefecture, China: An Analysis of Environmental and Supply-Side Determinants, Etudes et Documents n° 30, CERDI
          [2010] Audibert M, He Y, Mathonnat J, Income Growth, Price Variation and Health Care Demand: A Mixed Logit Model Applied to Tow-period Comparison in Rural China, Etudes et Documents n°35, CERDI.
          [2010] Audibert M, Mathonnat J, Pelissier A, The Impact of the New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme on Activities and Financing of Township Hospitals in Weifang, China, Etudes et Documents n°37, CERDI.
          [2010] Dukhan Y, Korachais C, Mathonnat J, Saksena P. and K. Xu, Financial burden of health payments in France, 1995-2006, WHO Discussion Paper, n°6, Geneva.

Books and Chapters

– [2015] Audibert M,  Pavy A, de Roodenbeke E, Mathonnat J, Utilisation des services de santé en Afrique : l’approche communautaire en termes d’offre de soins est-elle une réponse ? Chap. 6, in Audibert M et Kondji Kondji D, Le développement sanitaire en Afrique francophone: Enjeux et Perspectives post-2015, L’Harmattan, Paris
-          [2013] Audibert M., J. Mathonnat, Politiques régionales de santé, in Geourjon A-M, Guérineau S, Guillaumont P  and S Guillaumont-Jeanneney (eds), "Intégration régionale pour le développement de la Zone franc", Economica, Paris
-          [2012 & 2013] Audibert M, Mathonnat J, Facilitating access to healthcare in low-income countries: A contribution  to the debate, in Audibert et Mathonnat (eds), Field Action Science Reports, Vol 6. – French version in 2013.
-          [2010] Mathonnat J, Disponibilité des ressources financières pour la santé dans les pays d’Afrique subsaharienne,  Notes et Documents,  vol. 52, Agence Française de Développement, Paris, 284 p.

          [2009] Mathonnat J, Financement de la santé, équité et accessibilité aux soins de santé dans les pays à faible revenu, in Yaya, S. (éd), Le défi de l’accessibilité et de l’équité en santé dans le Tiers-monde: entre droit fondamental, justice sociale et logique marchande, Presses Universitaires de Laval, Canada.

          [2009] Mathonnat J, Contraintes dans l’accès aux soins dans les pays en développement, in Bras P-L, De Pouvourville G and Tabuteau R, (ed), Traité d’économie et de gestion de la santé, Presses de Sciences Politiques, Paris.
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