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Development Economist 

Date of birth: 28 August 1982
Nationality: French

Current position: Economist at the French Agency for Development
E-mail: [email protected]

In brief

Research interests 

  • Development and agricultural economics, innovation and adoption pathways, certification schemes
  • Fair trade – responsible consumption
  • Econonics of quality – economics of standards – regulation of labels
  • Demand analysis (socially & ecologically responsible consumption)

Fields of competence

  • Impact Evaluation (member of the 3IE expert roster)  
  • Econometrics & Statistics 
  • Survey design and implementation – project management

Field work experience

  • Mali & Cameroon (Impact Evaluations), Lesotho (IE feasability mission), Côte d’Ivoire (project identification & IE)


  • 2010: PhD in Development Economics
  • 2005: Research Master’s degree in Development Economics
  • 2005: Professional Master’s degree in Public and Private Projects Analysis


Published or forthcoming papers in peer-reviewed journals

  • Balineau, G. 2013, "Disentangling the effects of Fair Trade on the quality of Malian cotton", World Development, 44, 241-255. ?pdf working paper version
  • Balineau, G. & J. de Melo, 2013, "Removing barriers to trade on environmental goods: an appraisal", The World Trade Review, 12 (4), 693-718. ?pdf working paper 2011 and 2013
  • Balineau, G. & I. Dufeu, 2012, "Le système Fairtrade: une garantie pour les consommateurs?", Mondes en Développement, 4 (160), 11-26.
  • Balineau, G., 2011, "Le renforcement des organisations de producteurs de coton au Mali: enjeux, impact et leçons du commerce équitable pour la privatisation de la filière", Canadian Journal of Development Studies, 32 (3), 297-312.
  • Balineau, G. & I. Dufeu, 2010, "Are Fair Trade goods credence goods? A new proposal, with French illustrations", Journal of Business Ethics, 92 (suppl.2), 331-345. 

Papers in progress

  • Balineau, G., Njinkeu, D., Ngonthe, R., & Kobou, G., “Enhancing efficiency reforms in the port of Douala: A baseline users’ view of the single external trade window automation agenda”.
  • Balineau, G., “Fair Trade? Yes, but not at Christmas! Evidence on FT consumption from household scanner data on French purchases"

Reports and background papers

  • Balineau, G. & I. Gillson, 2011, “Exploiting Trade in Environmental Goods for the Pursuit of Green Growth: Recent Developments and Implications for South Africa”, Background paper for South Africa Economic Update, Focus on Green Growth, 2011, Washington, DC: World Bank.
  • Balineau, G. & J. De Melo, 2011, “Tariff Reductions in Environmental Goods at the Doha Round: The State of Play”, Background paper for Brenton, P., Cadot, O., & Pierola, M.D., 2012, Pathways to African Export Sustainability, Washington, DC: World Bank.
  • Balineau, G. & C. Gillot, 2012, "Commerce équitable et développement: qu’avons-nous appris pour les politiques futures?" Revue de la littérature scientifique préparée pour la conférence Ferdi sur le commerce équitable. ?Pdf  

Policy briefs & columns

  • Le commerce équitable: de "Trade, not aid" à "Aid-for-trade"? Note brève n°53, mai 2012, ? Pdf 
  • "The stalemate at the negotiations on environmental goods: Can it be broken?", VOX column, ?here

Book chapters

  • Entrées "Certification", "Dégradation des termes de l’échange", "Prix juste", du Dictionnaire du Commerce Equitable, Carimentrand A. & V. Blanchet, Ed. Quae

Professional Experience

  • 2013-…: Consultant, Barry-Callebaut Sourcing, sustainability department
  • 2012-2013: Consultant, World Bank, impact evaluation of the electronic single window in Douala (research and field work).
  • 2011-2012: Research Fellow, FERDI, research papers on Fair Trade and Trade & Climate Change.
  • 2011: Consultant, ITC (WTO-UNCTAD), evaluation of a World Bank Aid-for-Trade program.
  • 2010-11: Consultant, World Bank, studies on Trade & Climate Change.
  • 2008-10: Teaching Assistant (University of Auvergne, Faculty of Economics). Courses: Game Theory, Demography, Fair Trade
  • 2007-08: Field and Research coordinator, impact evaluation of the project "Fair Trade cotton in Mali", for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Member of Fairness FR, the French-speaking research network on Fair Trade

FairNESS is an international network bringing together academics working on subjects associated  with Fair and Ethical Trade. It is composed of two branches: Fairness FR and Fairness UK. Fairness FR  was set up after the 2nd Fair Trade International Symposium (Montreal 2006) and gathers around 30  young scholars from France, Belgium, Canada and Switzerland. It is currently chaired by Gaëlle Balineau and has been involved in the organization of the Montpellier 2008 and Liverpool 2012 FTIS conferences. Fairness UK was set up by Alastair Smith in 2009 and gathers 160 members from various parts of the world. Besides organizing conferences, sponsoring publications and fostering collaboration among scholars, both Fairness branches have developed a Knowledge Exchange function together with practitioners, policy makers and funders working in the area of Fair Trade. The intention is to provide better connections between the worlds of research and practice: to make the  former more relevant to real world needs and to help the latter access academic knowledge that might otherwise not be available. Both groups have an extensive mailing list and the UK network offers a regular newsletter with summaries of relevant academic publications, news and events. Both networks have also developed websites (Fairness Fr website is currently rebuilding) where members can interact and share knowledge. The ambition of Fairness is to expand internationally while remaining locally anchored so as to grasp both the macro and grassroots evolutions of Fair Trade.