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Sébastien MARCHAND

Associate professor in economics / Maître de Conférences en sciences économiques

Welcome to my personal web page :)

You'll find information about my professional activities.


CERDI - Office 20 
Université Clermont Auvergne
65 BD F. Mitterrand
63 000 - Clermont-Ferrand - France
Phone: +33 4 73 17 74 27;
Email (personal): marchandseb.2@gmail.com
Email (professional): sebastien.marchand@uca.fr
Other webpage: Scholar - IDEAS - My linkedIn


  1. Director, Licence DEG-AES (since 2013)
    • L1 : Economic history - Histoire des organisations et des faits économiques
    • L1 : Introduction to economics - Introduction à l'économie
    • L2 : Macroeconomics - Macroéconomie
    • L3 : International economics - Economie internationale
  2. Director, M2 Economie Locale et Développement Territorial (Local Economy and Territorial Development) (since 2013).
    • The economics of innovation
    • Regional policy of the European Union
    • Economic geography
  3. Master MOPP and Master GPE (since 2015)
    • Environmental valuation - évaluation environnementale

Syllabus and reading material of my courses are available at: http://ent.u-clermont1.fr/.


THESIS : Institutions and deforestation in developing countries

You can find my thesis here!


Development Economics, Environmental Economics, Agricultural Economics, Institutional Economics, Econometrics.

[1] Environmental economics in Brazil

[1.1] Projeto Amazônia Sustentável - Brazil


Projeto Amazônia Sustentável is a multidisciplinary research project concerned with understanding the challenges and opportunities surrounding sustainable development issues in the Brazilian Amazon. Work is focused in the regions of Santarém and Paragominas in the eastern Brazilian Amazon and is conducted in close partnership with local government and civil society groups including farmer's unions and leading environmental NGOs.

The project is coordinated jointly between Embrapa and the Goeldi Museum in Brazil, and the Universities of Cambridge and Lancaster in the UK, and includes collaborators from nearly 30 research institutions and NGOs across Brazil and internationally. Core funding comes from the Brazilian Science Council (CNPq), Embrapa (Macroprograma 2), the Natural Environmental Research Council (UK), UK government Darwin Initiative, with additional support from The Nature Conservancy, the Royal Society and the British Council. 

You can find more information in this published article: 

GARDNER, T. A. FERREIRA, J. BARLOW, J. LEES, A. C. PARRY, L. VIEIRA, I. C. G. BERENGUER, et al. ; A social and ecological assessment of tropical land uses at multiple scales: the Sustainable Amazon Network. Philosophical Transactions - Royal Society. Biological Sciences, vol. 368, 2013.

My experience

I spent several months in a postdoctorate position in Brazil between Viçosa (department of Agricultural Economics of the Federal University of Viçosa) and Rio de Janeiro (IPEA). I mainly worked on the construction of the socio-economic database and econometric analysis.

Main partnerships

 My colleagues (among others)

Toby Gardner (Department of Zoology - University of Cambridge -GB) ; Joice Ferreira (Embrapa - PA - Brazil) ; Dênis Cunha (Department of Agricultural Economis - University of Viçosa - MG - Brazil) ; José Féres (IPEA - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil) ; Thiago Fonseca Morello Ramalho da Silva (Universidade de São Paulo (USP)) ; Diana Weinhold (London School of Economics - London - GB) ; Luke Parry (Lancaster Environment Center - Lancaster University - GB) ; Jos Barlow (Lancaster Environment Center - Lancaster University - GB) ; Alexander Lees (Goeldi Museum - PA - Brazil).

Area of investigation

  • Determinants of agricultural productivity.
  • Relationship between agricultural productivity and deforestation.
  • Land-use determinants.

    [1.2] Agricultural productivity and deforestation  

Area of investigation 

  • Agricultural productivity and deforestation in the Brazilian Legal Amazon.

[1.3] The ICMS-E  


The ICMS-E is a fiscal incentive delivered by Brazilian State to municipalities to incite them to create and protect conservation units. 

Area of investigation 

  • Identifying spatial interactions in the creation of protected areas: the case of the ICMS-Ecological in the Brazilian state of Parana with Alexandre Sauquet (University of Ottawa) and José Féres (IPEA, Rio de Janeiro).

[2] Agricultural economics in China with Huanxiu Guo (Nanjing University)


From an in-depth survey conducted by Huanxiu Guo in a small Chinese village called Sancha located in the Guangxi province (South China), our work investigates (1) the determinants of environmental productivity of a mixed paddy-rice production and (2) the effect of social interactions and input spillovers on family farms’ agricultural performance.


Area of investigation

  • Agricultural productivity and organic farming.
  • Agricultural productivty and social network.

[3] The concept of good governance

Area of investigation

  • Interrelationship between demand and supply of good governance on deforestation in developing countries with Gaoussou Diarra.
  • Governance trap with Philippe Delacote (LEF, INRA), Eric Kere (AfDB) and Gaoussou Diarra.
  • Endemic corruption and demand for good governance with Gaoussou Diarra (CERDI).

[4] Institutional persistence and deforestation

Area of investigation 

  • Historical and comparative analysis of (1) the French and British Forest prolicy between the 11th and the 19th century, and (2) the colonial forest law in French Africa and British India.
  • Colonial and legal legacies on deforestation.
  • Institutional persistence and deforestation: institutional legacies, current institutional performance and deforestation.