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Bienvenue // Welcome // Tonga Soa !

I'm a Phd student at CERDI and CIRAD, working under the direction of Pascale Combes-Motel and Alain Karsenty.

My PhD deals with conservation policies primarily in Madagascar.

sebastien.desbureaux @etu.udamail.fr

Areas of specialization:
Environmental economics & Conservation policies (Protected Areas- PES - CPR management)

Projects & papers:

Does Private Certification of REDD+ Projects Guarantee their Environmental Integrity ?”,
Seyller, C., Desbureaux, S. , Ongolo, S., Simonet,G, Karsenty, A., Brimont L., Faure G.
Forthcoming, International Forestry Review.

Between economic loss and social identity: the multi-dimensional cost of avoiding deforestation in Eastern-Madagascar.
Sébastien Desbureaux and Laura Brimont
Ecological Economics, Volume 118, October 2015, Pages 10–20
pdf: [authors' version]

The impact of Protected Areas on Deforestation: An Exploration of the Economic and Political Channels for Madagascar's Rainforests (2001-12)
(first author, with S. Aubert, L. Brimont, A. Karsenty,A.C. Lohanivo, M. Rakontodrabe, J. Razafiarijaona [working paper]

I am collaborating in the field with local NGOs, L'Homme et l'Environnement for forest conservations thematics and with the Hafafi project lead by GRET and WCS in northern Madagascar, inside two new Marine Protected Areas -Ankivonjy & Ankarea.

The (cool but threaten) indri indri

 A Sakalava woman in Nosy Iranja