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  1. papier ou publication CERDI » Home vs. School Deworming and Meal Programs: Evidence from Rural Senegal (1%) auteurs AZOMAHOU [T] , DIALLO [FL]

    ...we elaborate on deworming at home vs. school. Relying on Propensity Score Matching and selection models we find that meals program significantly increase pupils? test scores. The impact is more impor...

    tags: [ Selection models ]
  2. papier ou publication CERDI » Impact of export upgrading on tax revenue in developing and high-income countries (1%) auteurs GNANGNON [S.K.] , BRUN [J-F]

    ...on non-resource tax revenue, including for the sub-samples considered, with the exception of low-income countries for which we observe mixed results. Moreover, countries which upgrade their export produc...

  3. actualité » Ecole thematique CNRS : Integrated Assessment Models (1%)
    rubrique : News


  4. papier ou publication CERDI » The Impact of the New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme on Township Hospitals? Utilization and Income Structure in Weifang Prefecture, China (1%) auteurs AUDIBERT [M] , MATHONNAT [J] , PELISSIER [A] , HUANG [X]

    ...differences-in-differences model, it aims to assess the effect of the reform on the utilization and income structure of the township hospitals. The estimations provide three main results linked to the e...

  5. papier ou publication CERDI » Immigration Policy and Macroeconomic Performance in France (1%) auteurs D'ALBIS [H] , BOUBTANE [E] , COULIBALY [D]

    ...E20, F22, J61. / KEY WORDS: Immigration, Female and Family Migration, Growth, Unemployment, VAR Models.

  6. papier ou publication CERDI » Give a fish or teach fishing? Partisan affiliation of U.S. governors and the poverty status of immigrants (0%) auteurs KEITA [S] , MANDON [P]

    This paper investigates how governors' partisan affiliation affects the poverty status of immigrants to the U.S. To this end, we compare the poverty outcomes of immigrants in states ruled by Democrat...

  7. papier ou publication CERDI » Minimum age regulation and child labor: New evidence from Brazil (0%) auteurs BARGAIN [O] , BOUTIN [D] [11 2017]

    We suggest new evidence on minimum age regulations using a natural experiment. In 1998, a constitutional reform has changed the minimum working age from 14 to 16 in Brazil. The reform was the legislati...

  8. actualité » Martin Berka (University of Auckland) (0%)
    rubrique : Seminaire

    Real Exchange Rates and Sectoral Productivity inthe Eurozone (PDF)

  9. papier ou publication CERDI » Decentralization in Africa and the nature of local governments? competition: evidence from Benin (0%) auteurs CALDEIRA [E] , FOUCAULT [M] , ROTA-GRAZIOSI [G]

    ...poverty of some local governments in developing countries through a generalized notion of Nash equilibrium, namely constrained Nash equilibrium. We show how and under what conditions spillovers among jurisdicti...

  10. papier ou publication CERDI » Household Shocks and Education Investment in Madagascar (0%) auteurs SAHN [D E] (coauteur(s) avec GLICK [P] , WALKER [T] )

    ...school, and remove them from school, and measure the impact on these decisions of shocks to household income, assets and labor supply. In order to explore these questions more fully, we use a unique...

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