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  1. papier ou publication CERDI » Does investment climate matter For firm?s technical efficiency? An Application to middle eastern and North african manufacturing (100%) auteurs KINDA [T] , PLANE [P] , VEGANZONES-VAROUDAKIS [M-A]

    ...Bank enterprise surveys, this paper shows that investment climate (IC) is correlated with firms' technical efficiency (TE) in eight manufacturing industries of 22 developing countries. Essential aspe...

  2. papier ou publication CERDI » Efficiency of Health Centers in Cambodia: Case Study in Takeo Province (51%) auteurs PELISSIER [A] , MATHONNAT [J]

    ...our study is a contribution to fill this gap by estimating with a data envelopment analysis the technical efficiency of HCs in the rural province of Takeo for 51 HCs observed over the period 2008 to...

  3. papier ou publication CERDI » Health Insurance Reforms and Health Policies in Rural China (31%) auteurs AUDIBERT [M] , HUANG [X] , HUANGFU [X] , MATHONNAT [J] , PELISSIER [A] , PETITFOUR [L]

    ...of these reforms were to extend health insurance coverage, to increase the activities and the efficiency of the health establishments, and to improve patient care. This article focuses on two componen...

  4. papier ou publication CERDI » Impact and Efficiency of the Integration of Diagnosis and Treatment of Pneumonia in Malaria Community Case Management in Madagascar (21%) auteurs RAZAKAMANANA [M. V.] , AUDIBERT [M] , ANDRIANANTOANDRO [T.] , HARIMANANA [A.] [2 2017]

    ...severe cases treated at health facilities. This paper aims to assess the effectiveness and the efficiency of this. Two districts were taken into account: Andapa received only basic activities ensuring t...

  5. actualité » Albert Zeufack (Banque Mondiale) (5%)
    rubrique : Seminaire

    Sources of Productivity Growth in Uganda [PDF]

  6. papier ou publication CERDI » Les monnaies virtuelles decentralisees sont-elles des outils d?avenir ? (2%) auteurs TICHIT [A] , LAFOURCADE [P] , MAZENOD [V] [2 2017]

    ...currencies are close to the values of the Social and Solidarity Economy, and even though they have some technical and theoretical problems, they have the merit of offering new perspectives. Finally,...

  7. papier ou publication CERDI » Decentralization in Africa and the nature of local governments? competition: evidence from Benin (2%) auteurs CALDEIRA [E] , FOUCAULT [M] , ROTA-GRAZIOSI [G]

    ...the nature of spillovers resulting from local expenditure policies. These spillovers impact the efficiency of decentralization. We develop a two-jurisdiction model of public expenditure, which differs...

  8. papier ou publication CERDI » Tax Potential and Tax Effort: An Empirical Estimation for Non-resource Tax Revenue and VAT?s Revenue (2%) auteurs BRUN [J-F] , DIAKITE [M] [6 2016]

    ...effort due to policy economy decisions and a time-varying tax effort relating to tax administration efficiency. The results are more realistic. Low income countries have higher tax effort along the peri...

  9. page web » Recherche » colloques » 7th International Conference on the Chinese Economy » Programme (1%)

    7th International Conference on the Chinese Economy

  10. page web » Recherche » colloques » Financement de la santé dans les pays en développement » sessions posters (1%)

    financement de la sante dans les pays en developpement au CERDI

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