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  1. papier ou publication CERDI » Health Insurance Reforms and Health Policies in Rural China (100%) auteurs AUDIBERT [M] , HUANG [X] , HUANGFU [X] , MATHONNAT [J] , PELISSIER [A] , PETITFOUR [L]

    ...0 to 2012. Our analyses were mainly based on non-parametric models (Data Envelopment Analysis, Malmquist Index, and partial frontiers) and impact analyses, coupled with interviews with hospital staff a...

  2. actualité » Nikos Benos (Univeresity of Ioannina) (5%)
    rubrique : Seminaire

    Okun Law: a copula investigation for G-7 countries

  3. papier ou publication CERDI » Does fiscal decentralization enhance citizens? access to public services and reduce poverty? Evidence from a conflict setting (4%) auteurs SANOGO [T] [8 2017]

    ...dataset from 2001 to 2011 for 115 municipalities in 35 departments. An adjusted multidimensional poverty index and a headcount poverty index are calculated at the local level using the Household Living...

  4. papier ou publication CERDI » When More Does Not Necessarily Mean Better: Health-Related Illfare Comparisons with Non-Monotone Well-Being Relationship (4%) auteurs APABLAZA [M] , BRESSON [FB] , YALONETZKY [G]

    ...particular with respect to health. For instance, health status is often proxied using the Body Mass Index (BMI). Low BMI values can capture undernutrition or the incidence of severe illness, yet a hig...

  5. papier ou publication CERDI » Poverty, disasters and remittances: do remittances and past disasters influence households? resilience? (4%) auteurs TAPSOBA [T A] [4 2017]

    ...14, this paper assesses the impact of remittances on poverty in Burkina Faso. To do so, a poverty index is computed using household?s housing characteristics. Propensity score matching method is us...

  6. papier ou publication CERDI » Do migrants transfer productive knowledge back to their origin countries? (4%) auteurs VALETTE [J] [12 2016]

    ...productive knowledge from destination to the migrants? home countries. Using the Economic Complexity Index as a proxy for the amount of productive knowledge embedded in each countries, and bilateral mi...

  7. papier ou publication CERDI » Removing user fees to improve access to caesarean delivery: a quasi-experimental evaluation in western Africa (2%) auteurs AUDIBERT [M]

    ...rural areas (adjusted OR=2.02; 95% CI 1.48 to 2.76; P?0.001) and women in the middle-class wealth index (adjusted OR=3.88; 95% CI 1.77 to 4.72; P?0.001). The policy contributes to the increase in the proporti...

  8. actualité » 40 ans du Cerdi : Inscrivez-vous ! (2%)
    rubrique : Colloque

  9. page web » Recherche » colloques » Financement de la santé dans les pays en développement » accueil (1%)

    financement de la sante dans les pays en developpement au CERDI

  10. actualité » Le nouveau site du Cerdi est en ligne (1%)
    rubrique : Actualites

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