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  1. actualité » Land use and environmental and socio-economic vulnerability (100%)
    rubrique : Conference


  2. papier ou publication CERDI » Explaining the persistence of low income and environmentally degrading land uses in the Brazilian Amazon (74%) auteurs GARRETT [RD] , GARDNER [TA] , FONSECA MORELLO [T] , MARCHAND [S] , BARLOW [J] , EZZINE DE BLAS [D] , FERREIRA [J] , LEES [AC] , PARRY [L]

    ...that livestock production, which yields the lowest per hectare incomes, remains the most prevalent land use in remote areas, but many examples of high income fruit, horticulture, and staple crop produc...

  3. papier ou publication CERDI » Does the expansion of biofuels encroach on the forest? (42%) auteurs KELES [D] , CHOUMERT [J] , COMBES MOTEL [P] , KERE [E] [11 2017]

    ...level, due to their impact on deforestation and the GHG emissions they can generate as a result of land use changes. In order to isolate the impact of bioethanol and biodiesel production among classic determina...

  4. papier ou publication CERDI » Climate change mitigation and adaptation in developing and transition countries: introduction (22%) auteurs CHOUMERT [J] , COMBES MOTEL [P] , MILLOCK [K]

    ...help the most vulnerable populations to cope with the short-term and long-term impacts of climate change. In the perspective of the 21st COP of the UNFCCC (Paris, December 2015), this Special Issue on ?Clim...

  5. papier ou publication CERDI » Use of Internal Information, External Information Acquisition and Customs Underreporting (18%) auteurs CHALENDARD [C] [09 2015]

    This paper identifies opportunities for improving the performance of revenue-collection authorities. To detect and combat fraud, we argue that revenue-collection authorities should, notably in the absen...

  6. papier ou publication CERDI » Use of health care among febrile children from urban poor households in Senegal: does the neighbourhood have an impact? (12%) auteurs AUDIBERT [M] , DOS SANTOS [S] , KONE [G K] , LAFARGE [H] , LALOU [R.] , LE HESRAN [J-Y] , NDONKY [A]

    ...living environment to mitigate or increase individual or household vulnerabilities that influence the use of health services. The data are drawn from a survey on urban malaria conducted between 20...

    tags: [ Poverty ]
  7. papier ou publication CERDI » Inegalites et vulnerabilites en Nouvelle-Caledonie (11%) auteurs GOUJON [M] [3 2018]

    ...inequalities. It concludes with some thoughts on the vulnerability of New-Caledonia, in the face of climate change particularly.

  8. papier ou publication CERDI » Impact Evaluation in a Landscape: Protected Natural Forests, Anthropized Forested Lands and Deforestation Leakages in Madagascar's Rainforests (10%) auteurs DESBUREAUX [S] , KERE [E] , COMBES MOTEL [P] [6 2016]

    This paper analyzes deforestation leakages from natural rainforests to anthropized habitats following the creation of Protected Areas in Madagascar. A simple theoretical framework highlights that a conservati...

  9. actualité » Isabelle Chort (Paris Dauphine) (6%)
    rubrique : Seminaire

    Managing the Impact of Climate Change on Migration: Evidence from Mexico [PDF]

  10. papier ou publication CERDI » Using Internal and External Sources of Information to Reduce Customs Evasion (4%) auteurs CHALENDARD [C] [01 2017]

    ...more customs fraud reduces. We argue that this result is indicative of the fact that customs officers use what they have learned from similar import declarations - use customs' internal information - to b...

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