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  1. papier ou publication CERDI » Use of Internal Information, External Information Acquisition and Customs Underreporting (100%) auteurs CHALENDARD [C] [09 2015]

    ...Specifically, our micro-level study of customs evasion provides evidence that using internal or external available sources of information facilitates customs-enforcement. Estimates highlight that exploiti...

  2. papier ou publication CERDI » Using Internal and External Sources of Information to Reduce Customs Evasion (45%) auteurs CHALENDARD [C] [01 2017]

    ...customs officers use what they have learned from similar import declarations - use customs' internal information - to better assess the compliance of declarations. Then, we show that relying on an in...

  3. page web » Recherche » colloques » International Conference » Practical information (10%)

  4. page web » Recherche » colloques » 8th International Conference on the Chinese Economy » Practical information (10%)


  5. papier ou publication CERDI » Total Factor Productivity and Technical Efficiency of Indian Manufacturing: The Role of Infrastructure and Information & Communication Technology (9%) auteurs VEGANZONES-VAROUDAKIS [M-A] (coauteur(s) avec MITRA [A] , SHARMA [C] )

    ...manufacturing industry for 1994 to 2008, this paper shows for eight sectors that core infrastructure and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) matter for Total Factor Productivity (TFP) and Technica...

  6. papier ou publication CERDI » External Monetary Shocks to Central and Eastern European Countries (7%) auteurs LESUISSE [P] [2 2017]

    Few countries are part of the European Union but on the verge of the Euro-zone. This study aims at identifying the amplitude of the direct ECB monetary policy impact, i.e. the so-called international moneta...

  7. page web » Recherche » colloques » 10th International Conference on the Chinese Economy » 10th International Conference on the Chinese Economy - Practical information (7%)


  8. papier ou publication CERDI » Infrastructure, Information and Communication Technology and Firms? Productive Performance of the Indian Manufacturing (5%) auteurs MITRA [A] , SHARMA [C] , VEGANZONES-VAROUDAKIS [M-A]

    ...manufacturing in the country. In this context, this paper examines the role of infrastructure and information & communication technology (ICT) on total factor productivity (TFP) and technical effic...

  9. lien externe » Recherche » colloques » 9th EUDN PhD Workshop » practical information (3%)

  10. papier ou publication CERDI » Labor markets and economic growth in the MENA region (1%) auteurs VEGANZONES-VAROUDAKIS [M-A] (coauteur(s) avec PISSARIDES [C] )

    The labor market plays an important role in economic development through its impact on the acquisition and deployment of skills. This paper argues that countries in the MENA region failed to deploy hum...

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