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Mary-Françoise RENARD




PhD in Development Economy, University of Auvergne
PhD in Economics, University of AIx-Marseille 2


Since 1995, Professor, University of Auvergne, IDREC-CERDI
1992-1995, Professor, University of Grenoble 2, IREPD
1987-1992, Assistant-Professor, University of Toulon, CEFI, University of AIx-Marseille 2
1982-1987, Lecturer, University of Avignon, CEFI, University of Aix-Marseille 2

Fields of Competence

    Chinese Economy, Economie de la Chine
    Development Economics
    Regional economics
    International Economics

Administrative positions

    Head of IDREC (Research Institute on Chinese Economy) at CERDI
    Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management: 2007-2012
    Head of the Master "Chinese Economy"
Member of The National Council of the University (CNU)
Vice-President of the Dean Conference (Faculty of Economics and Management)
Member of the Administration Council of the University
Membre du Conseil de laboratoire du CERDI
Membre du Comité des thèses

Scientific positions


  for: China Economic Review, Journal of Development Studies, Revue économique, Revue d’Economie Politique, Revue d’Economie Régionale et Urbaine…
Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of China Economic Review


- 7th Conference, October 2009 : Thirthy years of Reforms: What about Chinese Capitalism? co-organised with CCES, Fudan University, Shanghaï.
- 8th Conference: October 2011, 20th and 21th : China in the Face of New Challenges
- 9th Conference: October 2013, China as a leader in the world Economy: implications for the Political Economy

Selected Publications

- Are workers close to ciies paid higher non-agricultural wages in rural China?, with C.Duvivier, Applied Economics, 2013.
- Symposium: Thirty years of reforms: What about capitalism in China, with B.Fleisher, China Economic Review, vol.22, n°4, December 2011
- Impact of China’s Trade and FDI on Africa,China and Africa: An emerging Partnership for development, African Development Bank, 2011.
- Integration among Chinese Provinces, with Luc Moulin, published in : Reform and Development in China, Ho-Mou Wu et Y.Yao, Ed., Routledge, 2011.