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- Associate Professor of Economics
- Supervisor (with Pr. Pascale Combes) of the Master’s Degree Program “Economic Analysis and International Development Sustainable Development in Developing and Transition Economies” 
- Member of the CNU section 05 (Conseil National des Universités) 

Research interests
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Economic Valuation of the Environment, Hedonic pricing method, Public Economics, Development Economics, Urban Amenities, Deforestation, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Land Prices, Water Access, Applied Econometrics, Spatial Econometrics, Meta-analysis

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Working papers
- Choumert J., Kéré E. & Loyal Laré A. (2014) The impact of water and sanitation access on housing values: The case of Dapaong, Togo
. Submitted
- Amin A., Choumert J., Combes JL., Combes P, Kéré E., Ongono J. & Schwartz S. (2014) A spatial econometric approach to spillovers effects between protected areas and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon.
Work in progress
- Meta-analysis on migration and networks (with Michel Beine and Simone Bertoli)
- Meta-analysis on farmers risk aversion (with Marielle Brunette, Stéphane Couture and  Claire Montagné-Huck)
- Rental values of farmland in Argentina (with Pascale Phélinas)
- Deforestation and protected areas (with Amin A., Combes JL., Combes P, Kéré E., Schwartz S.)

Guest editor of special issues
- Guest Editor (with Pascale Combes Motel, Alexandru Minea and Thomas Sterner) for a special issue of Environmental and Resource Economicson “Explorations in the Environment-Development Dilemma”
- Guest Editor (with Pascale Combes Motel and Katrin Millock) for a special issue of Environment and Development Economics (in progress) on “Climate change mitigation and adaptation in developing and transition countries”
- Guest Editor (with Pascale Combes Motel and Sonia Schwartz) for a special issue of Resource and Energy Economics (in progress)