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International conference on “International labor mobility and inequality across nations” 

Program [PDF]

FERDI, IRES (UCLouvain) and CERDI (Univ. of Auvergne) are jointly organizing an international conference on “International labor mobility and inequality across nations” in Clermont-Ferrand (France). The conference is devoted to investigating the effects of international migration on the geographic distribution of human capital and its implications for the world economy. Questions to be addressed are: How large are migration flows (by education and by gender)?
How does labor mobility affect inequality across nations? What are the determinants of migration flows/stocks? Are policy barriers quantitatively important? How would the world economy respond to a (selective or non-selective)  liberalization of labor mobility? A selection of papers from the conference will be considered for a special issue of The World Economy.

Organizers and scientific committee
: Simone Bertoli (Université d’Auvergne), Jim de Melo (University of Geneva), Frédéric Docquier (IRES, UCLouvain), Patrick Guillaumont (FERDI).

Invited speakers: Michel Beine (Univ. Luxembourg), Paul Collier (Univ. Oxford, TBC), Jesús Fernández-Huertas Moraga (FEDEA and IAE, CSIC), Mäelan Legoff (CEPII), Andrew Mountford (Royal Holloway London), Ça?lar Özden (World Bank), Chris Parsons (Univ. Oxford), Hillel Rapoport (Bar Ilan Univ.), Sara Salomone (UCLouvain).