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Puce Thiago Santiago Morello (Universite Federale ABC)

mardi 12 décembre 2017

Fire, tractors and health in the Amazon: a cost-benefit analysis of fire policy based in stated preferences
Abstract: Every year residents of the urban area of Rio Branco, a western Amazon town with 330,000 inhabitants, have their respiratory health threatened by smoke from fires set to prepare land for agriculture. This remains true even with remarkable governmental efforts to monitor fire use, fine non-authorized burnings and subsidize the replacement of fire for tractors. A cost-benefit analysis of amendments in the “fire-for-tractors” policy is pursued with stated preferences. Externality-generating smallholders and externality-affected urban dwellers were surveyed with, respectively, discrete choice experiment and contingent valuation methods. To aggregate individual values, it is proposed an efficiency test that, differently from common practice, does not ignore preference variance. What indeed improved assessment of policy efficiency. Most sets of amendments that were efficient compensated constrained fire use with moderate or large increase in tractor hours supplied on time. A spatial break-down of cost and benefit identified the east part of the study region as top priority.

Paper to be presented: https://goo.gl/GviQD4                            Supplementary information: https://goo.gl/JQNwqe