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Puce Christelle Dumas (University of Fribourg)

mardi 14 juin 2016

Shocks and child labor: the role of markets [PDF]
Homepage : http://www.unifr.ch/edhe/en/team/christelle-dumas

Abstract : Economic shocks have been shown to affect child labor and particularly so when households fail to access credit. This paper endeavours to assess whether access to agricultural labor markets also reduce the impact of shocks on child labor. Using panel data from Tanzania, we confirm that households respond to transitory productivity shocks by changes in child labor, but that (1) child labor increases with increases in rainfall, (2) it increases less when households have access to a labor market and (3) the agricultural labor market seems more efficient than the credit market to smooth rainfall shocks. These findings are consistent with the theoretical model offered in the paper. They highlight that imperfect agricultural labor markets are important determinants of child labor.