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2001, mai
colloque international , "la Chine est-elle devenue une économie de marché(s)" , organisé par CERDI-IDREC, Clermont-Ferrand, France.
Session "Y-a-il un marché du travail en Chine ?"
Diana Hochraich
The creation of a labor market in China
Ming Lu
Wage and Employment Regulation and Its Effects on Efficiency of China's SOEs
Nong Zhu
Impacts of Income Gap on Migration Decision in China: A Verification of the Todaro Model
Simon Appleton, John Knight, Lina Song and Qingjie Xia
Towards a Competitive Labour Market? Urban Workers, Rural Migrants, Redundancies and Hardships in China
Session "La rentabilité de l'éducation en Chine"
Chen Yu
Evidence of the Effect of Openness Policy on TFP and its Components: The Case of Chinese Provinces
Belton M.Fleisher and Xiaojun Wanf
Skill Differentials,Return to Schooling,and Market Segmentation in a Transition Economy:The Case of Mainland China
Xiaoyu Huang, José Vaz Caldas and Joao Rebelo
Returns to Education during the Reform of State-owned Enterprises in Hunan, People's Republic of China
Scott Rozelle, Linxiu Zhang and Jikun Huang
Off-farm Jobs and On-Farm Work in Periods of Boom and Bust in Rural China: The Role of Education
Session "Diffusion de l'économie de marché dans les provinces chinoises"
Xinpeng Xu
How Integrated Have Chinese Provinces Been?
Cécile Batisse
Externalities and local growth: a panel data analysis applied to Chinese provinces
Jean-François Brun, Jean-Louis Combes and Mary-Françoise Renard
Are there Spillover Effects between Coastal and Non-Coastal Regions in China ?
Fan Gang, Wanf Xiaolu, Zhang Liwen
Annual Report 2000 - Marketization Index for China's Provinces
Sandra Poncet
The magnitude of Chinese province's internal and international trade integration. Is Chinese provinces greater international openess threatening China's domestic market integration ?
Sylvie Démurger, Jeffrey D. Sachs, Wing Thye Woo and Shuming Bao
Geography, Economic Policy and Regional Development in China
Session "Les mécanismes de détermination des prix et de formation des revenus sont-ils ceux d'une économie de marché ?"
Eric Girandin
Transmission mechanisms of monetary policy in a liquidity trap : A comparison between China and Japan in the second half of the 1990s
Sylviane Guillaumont Jeanneney et Ping Hua
Does the Balassa-Samuelson effect apply to the Chinese provinces?
Wang Ruifang and Loh Chelvin
Effectiveness Of Monetary Policy In Post-Reform China: Some Empirical Evidence
Changjun Yue
Comparative Advantage, Exchange Rate and Exports in China
Loren Brandt and Xiaodong Zhu
From Intermediation by Diversion to Disintermediation: A Long-Run Perspective on Growth and Inflation (or Deflation) in China
Session "Un économie agricole de marché ?"
Jack W. Hou
Market Oriented Agricultural Production: Welfare Impact on Urban Workers
Charles C. Krusekopf
Diversity in Land Tenure Arrangements under the Household Responsibility System in China
Wu Laping
Integration of China's Major Agricultural Product Markets
Zhang Yaoqi
Relative Scarcity, Institutions and China's Environment: Special Reference to Forest Sector
Jian-Ming Zhou
Market Economy But Not Free Market System - Preventing Food Overproduction and Improving the Environment in China
Session "Gouvernance et développement du secteur privé"
Xavier Richet and Jean-François Huchet
Between Bureaucracy and Market: China's Industrial Groups in Search of a New Corporate Governance System
Zhao Chen
Optimal Path of Enterprise Restructuring in China: the Role of the Government
Xiao-yuan Dong and Paul Bowles
Segmentation and Discrimination in China's Emerging Industrial Labour Market