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10th International Conference on the Chinese Economy


The second China’s transition: new reforms for a new context
CERDI-IDREC, University of Auvergne, France
Clermont-Ferrand, 22-23 October, 2015
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The CERDI-IDREC organizes every two years an international conference on the Chinese economy. The conference attracts participants worldwide to address major economic issues and challenges that China and the world are currently facing. The theme of this tenth conference is “The second China’s transition: new reforms for a new context”. The theme is significant and timely from both the research and policy perspectives.

Since 2012 and the new direction of the China’s government, some new reforms are going to be implemented. After a first transition initiated in 1979 China had benefited from a high growth rate and a strong trade surplus. The result is that now China is the first country in the world in terms of GDP. But, the context, from an internal and external point of view is now quite different. China has a changing comparative advantage with higher wages, more inequalities, environmental problems, energy dependency…The slowing demand in Europe and United States had a negative impact on his trade balance and China is developing its trade and investments with emerging and developing economics. So, a new kind of transition is now on the way to achieve an economic market, especially with the liberalization of the production factors. It will concern mainly the economic questions but the implications are also social and political.

The themes of this conference are:
  • Environment, nature resources and Climate
  • Inequalities, poverty and social policy
  • Financial sector: reform, risks and perspectives
  • Trade, international investment and relocation of Chinese firms
  • Urbanization, migrations, transports
  • The reform of the State-owned enterprises

As for the previous conferences the best papers will be published in the China Economic Review and/or in a book format.

How to submit

Interested authors should submit either a draft or a detailed abstract of their paper by 30 June 2015, to: china.conference.2015@cerdi.org. The abstract should include the objectives, the methodology as well as the expected results.
The scientific committee, in collaboration with the local organizing committee, will select papers for the conference. A confirmation of accepted papers will be sent to the authors by 10 July 2015.
The final version of the papers should be submitted by 15 September 2015.

How to register

Practical information


Questions concerning the conference can be emailed to: china.conference.2015@cerdi.org

Scientific Committee:

C. Batisse (CERDI-IDREC, Université d’Auvergne), G. Fan (NERI, Université de Pékin), B. Fleisher (Ohio State University), J.Knight (OXCEP, Université d’Oxford), J.Lin (CCER, NSD, Université de Pékin), M.Lu (CCES, Université de Fudan, Shanghai), B. Naughton, (Université de Californie, San Diego), S.Poncet (Université de Paris 1), P.Prime (Kennesaw State University), M-F. Renard (CERDI-IDREC, Université d’Auvergne), S. Rozelle (Université de Stanford), W.T. Woo (Université de Californie, Davis), Y. Wu (University of Western Australia), Z.Jun (CCES, Fudan University, Shanghai).

Organizing Committee

C.Anne, C.Batisse, C. Brige-Ukpong, A.Carcenac, Y.He, MF Renard,