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2003, octobre
4ème Colloque international sur l'économie chinoise - 4th International conference on the Chinese economy , "L'efficacité de la politique économique chinoise - The efficiency of China's economic policy" , organisé par CERDI-IDREC - CNRS/Université d'Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, France.
Session "Politique commerciale"
Yanrui Wu
Export Potential and Its Determinants among the Chinese Regions
Albert Hu and Robert F. Owen
Gravitation at Home and Abroad : Openness and Imbalanced Regional Growth in China
Christer Ljungwall
Guangdong ? A Catalyst for Economic Growth and Exports in Hunan Province
Justin Yifu Lin et Yongjun Li
Export and Economic Growth in China: A Demand-Oriented Analysis
Session "Politique industrielle"
Chong-En Bai, Qiao Liu, Joe Lu, Frank M. Song, and Junxi Zhang
Corporate Governance and Market Valuation in China
Albert Guangzhou HU
China's Technology Parks and Regional Economic Growth
Jie HE
Estimation on Economic Cost of China's New De-sulfur Policy During Her Gradual Accession to WTO: The Case of Industrial SO2 Emission
Damian Tobin
Corporate Governance, Industrial Reform and Enterprises Performance in China: The Case of Shanghai Petrochemical Company
Session "Marché du Travail 1"
Yi Chen, Sylvie Démurger et Martin Fournier
Wage Differentials and Ownership Structure in Chinese Enterprises
Simon Appleton, John KNIGHT, Lina SONG and Qingjie Xia
Long Lasting Attraction? Impacts of Communist Party Membership on the Chinese Labour Market
John Knight and Li Shi
Wages, Firm Profitability and Labour Market Segmentation in Urban China
Session "Marché du Travail 2"
Changjun Yue
Does Higher Educated People Earn More Money in the Labor Market in China?
Belton M. Fleisher and Xiaojun Wang
Returns to Schooling in China Under Planning and Reform
Sandra Poncet and Nong Zhu
Globalization, labour marhet and internal migration : Evidence of China
Session "Politique macroéconomique"
Zhang Jun
Investment, Investment Efficiency and Economic Growth in China
Samuel Guerineau and Sylviane Guillaumont Jeanneney
Deflation in China
Sylviane Guillaumont Jeanneney and Ping Hua
Real exchange rate and productivity in China
Duo Qin and Haiyan Song
Excess Investment and Efficiency Loss during Reforms : The Case of Provincial-level Fixed-Asset Investment in China
Eric Girardin and Zhenya Liu
Bank credit and stock market anomalies in China
Session "Politique budgétaire?"
Mary-Françoise Renard et Grégoire Rota Graziosi
Politique de décentralisation et pouvoir de négociation en Chine.
Yiu Por Chen
Fiscal Decntralization and Rural Labor Mobility: An analysis of Chinese local governments' incentives to promote "internal labor smuggling"
Shantong Li, Yunzhong Liu and Bo Chen
Research on meausres, objects and degrees of loàcal protection in chinese domestic market
Yu Qing and Tsui Kaiyuen
Factor Decomposition of Sub-provincial Fiscal Disparities in China
Session "Politique rurale"
Weiyong Yang
Reforms, agricultural risks and agro-industrial diversification in rural China: Evidence from Chinese Provinces
Scott Rozelle, Alan de Brauw, Jikun Huang, Linxiu Zhang and Yigang Zhang
The Evolution of China's Rural Labor Markets during the Reforms
Xiaobing Wang and Yunhua Liu
Technological Progress and Chinese Agricultural Growth in the 1990s
Session "Conséquences sociales des politiques économiques"
M. Audibert, J. Mathonnat, N. Chen, A. Ma, A. Yin
Réformes économiques et activités des hôpitaux municipaux en zone rurale : une analyse dans la province de Shandong
Christopher Grigoriou, Patrick Guillaumont and Sandra Poncet
Child mortality under chinese reform
Wenyan Yang
The Efficiency of China's Economic Policy ? a view from the health sector